Remap users

Maybe its me,but if i want to change materials via remap users,then the function is working fine.However the problem is if i click on the material that should be swaped,then a big list pops up,but there is no slider or the possibility to scroll further in the material-list.

I have made over 200 material presets,and this seems buggy.Or have i overlooked something to navigate through the remap user material list?.

To reproduce the workflow.Go to the outliner,select Blender file->then select Material ->right click Remap users ->select new Material from list.

Have you purged the orphane data?

not yet,but this does not seems to help,since i want to expand the material list even more.
The problem is,there is no slider or scroll function with the mouse, to navigate further in the popup material list.
Or is there a shortcut key,anyone?

OT,btw i wish we could put materials in collections,to avoid the mixing with materials that is on other objects,ie tyre mats,glass mats ect.

I remember using the middle mouse to drag a drop down menu if I recall correctly.

Is not working,i have tryed middle mouse with CTRL,shift and Alt and without.

Be warned,if you use remap users, then Blender make the last material used, from fake user to zero user and delete the fake user attribute.

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This menu without sliders ect are know as bug since almost a year,still no fix

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