Remapping a texture

Do anyone know if it is possible to remap a texture. I’m not sure that is what it’s called, but if it ain’t then what I mean is if it is possible to change the unwrap and then somehow make the texture adjust itself so that it fits nicely onto the unwrap again.

I have made a model with an inside and when I’m almost done with the texture I decided that it wouldn’t need an inside so I removed it and now I got some spare UV space that I would like to use for the rest of the model without having to remake the texture. I was just wondering if this is possible in Blender and if anyone could teach me how to do it if it is!

Thanks in advance!

I’ve recently done something similar (If I understand you correctly) using Render Baking. My process:

  1. Load photo into background of camera
  2. “Solve” for camera (place a cube and move the camera around to match perspective)
  3. Model
  4. Unwrap
  5. Add UV Project modifier
  6. Bake
    – Here’s where you might start –
  7. Duplicate model and change UVs etc.; Add a new material and blank texture image
  8. Make desired changes to texture and update old model
  9. Select old model then new model (in outliner is easier) then Bake Texture to selected

This is what I’ve been doing for texturing some game models. It may not be the correct process but It’s bee working so far.

Thanks a lot, man! It worked!

I didn’t really understood the part about “solving” and UV Project but it worked even though I skipped those.

It doesn’t appear to work with PSD files, nor TIFF files so do you know any other format I can bake my texture to (from Blender) that wouldn’t flatten all my layers?

Nope, you’re stuck with a single-layer image in the end.