Remember FireWire District Twilight 22 Studio?

Found it when crawling the wec and thought people might be interested to see.
Other than this video I got no clue.

“Will code for food” LOL! :smiley:

Thanks for posting this, I wondered what had happened to this. I do google them from time to time, but missed this vid.

Love the tunes in the game emporium, but it seems like they’re having some framerate issues. Maybe that’s from the screencap, but it’s unexpected from a studio that aims to make a AAA title. It’s obviously very early days, but I’m thinking they might have been better sticking with bge. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t really see anything in that game that couldn’t be done with the BGE. It doesn’t even have any normal maps, advanced shaders, or shadows in the demo, though it is a work in progress, and so I would expect to see those kinds of details eventually. If they ever reconsidered, it would be great to have them developing for the BGE again - it could use some bug fixing and new features…