Remember Me?

Trying to recreate an abandoned Teddy bear in an attic.Inspired by Gleb Alexandrov’s tutorial on volumetric lighting. :). Followed many tutorials when completing the project. Your suggestions are mostly welcome. :):slight_smile:

Great bro Look real live

I like the scene and the story it tells, the cobwebs give a great touch, however I would use more volumetric lighting. Otherwise its looking great

Thank you for your valuable advice :o

Very pretty love the cobwebs :slight_smile:

Great idea for a story. Maybe a little more dust or cobwebs on the bear too - to make it look like its been there a while.

Thanks for the valuable comment. I also had that feeling after completing it.

Nice scene! Maybe try to work on your wood texture, or add bevel on edges, because it looks too perfect. And add more dust :slight_smile:

After I saw this I went and got my Darth Vader action figure and put him on my computer desk so he wouldn’t be lonely.

Thank you!! just some planes with cobweb textures… :eyebrowlift2:

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I must have spend more time for make it imperfect. Thank you for the comment :slight_smile:

Kill the horizontal line. Tilt the camera a bit.

Scene is good, kinda seeing Gleb alexandrov on this image.

But yeah, human creation is set to be imperfect and in order to make 3D look alive, you have to force the imperfection sometimes.

Also, there’s a psycological influence with pictures. A horizontal line, means balance. Balance is related to harmony, peace. So, if you tilt that horizontal line, it is skewed now, it is difficult to find harmony on a line that is falling to one side or the other.

Your picture tries to be somewhat sad. Sadness doesnt really relate to harmony. There is a powerful force influencing to make something or someone feel sad. So, the mood is tilted. Unbalanced.

here is a .gif to explain my idea better

edit: btw about the horizontal line, I am just nitpicking there. Overall image is already good.

Whoa thank you very much for that great advice. I ll try to use it in my future creations :o
Yes. This one is heavily inspired by Gleb’s tutorial on volumetric lighting :slight_smile:

hahahaha… :rolleyes:

Good one. Reminds me of a scene by Gleb too. Too bad you didn’t mention him :wink:

Thank you!!, yes inspired by his tutorial on volumetric lighting… mm edited the description :smiley:

Good one. The wall behind is contributing so much to your art.

Thank you!!