Remembering image save parameters

Hi everyone!

I can’t seem to find how to do this:
As I am creating all different textures, everytime I need to save a new one, most of the times I need to change the Compression value, Color depth, and BW/RGB/RGBA from the default values.
Is it possible to save these parameters to my needs, so I don’t have to change them everytime?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You could use image file templates - standard sizes,with or without alpha - you just drag and drop from some easy accessible folder into UV editor. Anyway, User Preferences would save something one if it saves this at all.
Use Save As to save result.

Thanks for the tip!
Yes, I use Save As (Alt+S) during the edition process, much simple, and it appears to remember all those parameters.
Only most of the times I choose to create the new textures with New Image, so I can select the base color it will have. And then again having to change the PNG compression ratio from 15% to 100%, 8 to 16 bit, etc etc.
I’ll give it a try and see what can I do more with some template images.

Default Image Save Format

@ @manelmeirinhos : I have the same problem, and I would also like a solution. If you find a solution, please share. I will do the same. :slight_smile:

Ok, so what I found to do the trick on remembering the saving parameters is actually going to the Render Properties, Output Format.
The parameters you define there are the ones that Save Image is going to retrieve. Then you can define, say, a png, RGBA, 16 bit, 100% compression when creating some textures.
When another saving parameters are needed, you can change them there for the new bunch of images to save.
After an image is saved, simply use Alt+S for the following savings, which remember the original saved parameters :slight_smile:

I think it wouldn’t be difficult to include a preset manager in the output tab, changing a bit the file…