Remeshing a part in quads

I need to remesh parts of a vehicle using majority of quads. The remesh modifer failed and I have had no success googling every possible combination of how to remesh in blender. Could anyone give any advice? An example of a part can be seen below.

roofpart.blend (1.29 MB)

It would be simpler to just remake such a basic object without such horrible topology.

You can rid of a lot of the crud with X / Limited dissolve with something like 1 degree value, then manually fix the mesh

How would you go about manually remaking it? I am coming from Rhino3d and this is my first time using blender.

Are there easy ways to draw lines with vertexs or the easiest approach to subdivide an edge?

One approach I used was the outline the entire thing in just curves, however, I am uncertain an easy way to use the edges to rebuild the mesh.

One approach I used was the outline the entire thing in just curves

Blender is basically a poly modeller so use polygons. Using curves can lead to too many vertices (keep it simple)

One methodology:

Create cross section

Extrude to make the base object

Cut off angle with boolean modifier or bisect tool or knife tool

Cut large hole through the centre

No idea what this mess is supposed to look like !

frame.blend (6.99 MB)

Perhaps this part wasn’t a good example. For instance, attached is part of the frame. I don’t think the extruding technique previously listed could be used for this.

The topology for these parts is absolutely horrific, therefore, I think it is better to completely delete it the mesh with the exception of the outline or recreate it following an image of the part. I am just unsure how to go about that.

Also note: I do not need to keep the thickness of the parts, just the outer surface. The thickness of each part is added using a later program.