Remi's sketchbook

Welcome to my sketchbook- here is my latest work


One of the first blender tutorial I followed.
Here’s the result:

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Here are the results of 2 tutorials I followed from blender guru:

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Here is some old study I did for lighting and compositing:

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Here is some personal project I did a while ago:

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On this one I tried to replicate a concept art from the game Thief, not extremely happy with the result but the process was teachful:

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Some scene I started a while ago to study material node and lighting:

Some interior study from a reference:

Some other interior I’ve done recently. Inspired from Dan’s crypt in Medievil.

I tried to replicate the german library image from csandzerg:
original from csandzberg:

my own replica with blender:

Some close-shot study I did more recently:

This work was supposed to be my entry for the blender guru CG character contest but I never made it on time.
I was beginning in sculpting, rigging and posing and this shows!

A study on volumetrics I did recently:

Some rock study I did for the CGC sculpt exercise on rocks:

Your work shows an open mind and creative resources. I like the detail, volume and the way your images open up into their own virtual world.

Thanks for the kind words Starfleet!

I like that rock you sculpted. I wouldn’t say its realistic, but its stylized pretty nicely.

Thanks Scotchtapeworm, Yes I was more trying and mixing different techniques of sculpting/shading for that rock, so this ended looking like more of a kind of asteroid instead of something more familiar :slight_smile:

Great work! seems like I remember a “Remi” guy in the LIghtwave community a few years back…

Thanks norvman, unfortunately that wasn’t the same Remi, I never tried lightwave :frowning: