Remote controlled Flyer (update!)

(Nayman) #1

Here ya go, a little design for a small, spy flyer…

Has a live camera in the nose, and is about a foot long.

I added some alternat colour schemes.
This is either a toy that anyone can fly, or it’s to be used by military personel to spy on the battle field… haven’t decided yet… One thing though, it only has the two rotors and the dont tilt, it has an inivative new system of steering. A magnet pulls a weight around inside, and the wieght tilts the wody backwards or forwards… the rotors vary speed individually to roll the craft, but theweight controls pitch,.

The pilot has very little to do but use a miniature joystick and throttle, because a small, fly-by-wire computer works out all the commands inside and translates them into the nessicary mechanical controls.

(LohnS) #2

wow, man thats great, great modelling, texturing, and very very god lighting

(BgDM) #3

Very cool design Nayman! My only problem is that it has the rotors to lift it, but what propels it forward? Do the rotors rotate to push the thing forward? If so, you should maybe show them doing that. Just a suggestion.


(dreamsgate) #4

hey thats cute, my kids would love to play with it!