Remote tutor for a sketchup user looking to embrace blender

I am looking for someone that can help me adapt my sketchup workflow/methodology to blender 3.4.1, possibly making use of cad sketcher but I am not sure about that yet.

It will be done by the hour on a paid basis. We will make use of remote desktop technology where you can log in and see how I work in sketchup and then you can help me adapt that workflow to blender.

As it is remote work and not of paramount importance we have time to schedule.

I am looking forward to any replies of people that can help

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given the amount of private messages I am getting, which I am thankful for, I thought it important to add some additional information here so one can better understand what it is I am looking for.

I use Sketchup make 2017 to model simple, non complex, parts for 3D printing. Think of axial flux alternator rotor disks, wind turbine blades, shapes to hold tools, tools it self.

I then export the model as STL using a sketchup add on and important that in Cura Slicer for driving my 3D printer.

I have many reasons for needing to leave Sketchup behind but are personal and not interesting to consider here publicly.

For our sessions Iā€™d like to focus on adapting the way I work with Sketchup to Blender 3.4.1 including the modeling and exporting to STL, perhaps also making sure Cura can make sense of the STL. Anything after that is outside of the scope of blender and we will have no need to cover that.

I think making use of the CAD sketcher add on for blender might be a benefit if Blender it self or other add ons are not directly applicable for high precision, small scale (mm scales).

I think we are looking at 10 maybe 15 hours worth of sessions that I would like to divide into anything from 1 hour to 4 hour sessions. Shorter is better as I tend to loose focus towards the 4 hour mark.

I am from the Netherlands and I would like to schedule these sessions during Central European daytime hours as to make sure I am fit and focused.

If you have not already done so please add your hourly rate and availability so I can take all things into consideration.

Thank you in advance.

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