Remove/adjust shadows and reflections from an object.

Hope this is the last noob question from me for this round :wink:

I have an object, which is reflected in a gold surface. How can i adjust how much this particular object is reflected in the gold?
Basically the same question for shadows. I have a lamp, making light, and the shadows are fine, but I want to make the shadow of the particular object less strong/black.

Anyone know how to solve this?


you can try to play with the amount of reflection for the surface
in shader panel beside lambert
this will affect the reflectioon from that surface
also the Gloss factor will change that too
you can also try the col in map output to change the effect of the color
try it and let us know


I have already tried that, but that changes only my gold surface. I want that to be as it is now. Only thing is, I dont want my object next to the gold to be reflected that strongly in the gold

check for radiosity and ambiant world light that could affect theses shadows too

chekc in wiki page

i did not play a lot with theses parameters but you might find something


Okay, I made a compromise and reduced the ‘shinyness’ of the gold, but it still looks good and the object is not reflecting so strongly. This was done by fiddling with the parameters you suggested Ricky.

However, I cannot reduce the shadow from the object. It is too powerfull black and i want the shadow cast on the ground to be more greyish.

better to see a pci it’s worth a thousand words


I will make a pic tomorrow to show what i mean. I cannot show the one i am working on now as it is for work.

iv ask to dicho to help if he can - may be he’ll have a better idea
till tomorrow


Is the object in question suppose to be transparent? If so use RayTrans and reduce the alpha of the material. You can then turn on TranShadow on the object that receives the shadows. This will cause the shadow of the RayTrans object to be lighter.

i thing he has a shadow on one object and wants ot reduce the drakness of the shadow

it’s too dark for what he wants!
but he wil come back with a pic tomorrow so
till we see it we wait that’s all folks


Ok, here it is.

The red box is the object. The shadow marked with a green circle is the one i want to be less powerfull. Note to dicho, the red box is NOTsupposed to be transparent :slight_smile: And the light source is a single lamp (which I want).


These shots show an example of what you can do with AAO Approximate Ambient Occlusion.

  1. AAO energy 0.6
  2. AAO energy 2.0
  3. AAO energy 0.6, Lamp shadow: soft size: 5, samples:16


shadow1.blend (174 KB)shadow2.blend (174 KB)shadow3.blend (174 KB)

So cool, thank you very much.

Only drawback of this method is that rendering time is increased very much.

Here is one without AAO.

The main light has energy 1.4.

I duplicated the main light in the exact same place and set it to Negative, Shadow only, energy 0.5.


shadow4.blend (175 KB)

A related question for anyone: is it possible to specify which objects a light does and doesn’t affect (without using layers)?

For example, I am trying to prevent the negative, shadow-only lamp from lightening the shadow of the the yellow block. I tried various combinations of layers and duplicated objects, but I could not get the intended effect (darker shadow for the yellow block, lighter for the red).

Edit: Well, I did manage to do this by layers, but I had to duplicate the plane, the lamp and the red cube. It would be much easier to do if I could just check on/off which objects are affected by a certain lamp. Is there a way to do this without duplicating objects and layers?


shadow5.blend (181 KB)

Simply add your cube and your plane to both layers by holding shift while using m to select layers.
You still have to use the negative lamp though.


shadow5.blend (42.8 KB)

Thanks for the tip. That’s a much better way to do it.

Thank you guys, I am getting close to what I (read: my supervisors) want. hehe