Remove ALL Hotkeys?


I’ll make it simple. Er, I guess the title pretty much says it. Is there a completely blank “startup” file or is there an easy way to remove every single hotkey from Blender?

I’ve tried learning blender keys. I’ve tried replacing some with my own. But blender fights me at every step (with regards to me working with it in my particular workflow). I had the same problem with Lightwave. Had to nix all the keys from it and just start adding whatever key made sense for whatever I was trying to do. I mean, for me, X, C, V are more natural to use for my Scale, Rotate, Translate because I use Softimage a lot and I use E and R for “Edge Select” and “Ring Select”. Stuff like that. It’s just what feels natural for me based on my own brains preference for word-letter correlation.

I am mostly a modeler…so I have no trouble stepping on the toes of animation, rendering, compositing, UV’ing, etc first. I can map what I need/use for the other tasks as they arise. Almost NOTHING of Blenders default keys make any sense to me other then Tab for Object/Edit switching, and keys that are windows-standards anyway.

On a side note…is there any way to change the view movement keys/methods? I like Lightwave/MODO, tbh (Alt+LMB to Rotate, Alt+Ctrl+LMB to Zoom, and Alt+Shift+LMB to Pan). Probably not… :frowning:


Paul L. Ming

User Preferences (Ctrl Alt U) > Input > 3D View > 3D View (Global)

That’s very easy to do. Just open the user preferences (Ctrl-Alt-U) and check Input > Mouse > Emulate 3 Button Mouse.

Other than that: I don’t think there is a way to completely get rid of the default key configuration. You can try if this XSI keyboard preset still works with current Blender:

Hiya IkariShinji!

Excellent! :slight_smile: Now, to move on to the rest of the massive ‘re-jiggering’ task at hand…