Remove doubles

Hey everyone, I´m new to blender and this forum. I have a question that may have been answered but couldn’t find it. I quite often get duplicate vertices, and from what I have understand I should mark them and hit “w” and “remove doubles” this do npt work for me. So instead I have manually have to remove them. anyone know what I´m doing wrong?

/ Cramer

Have you really selected all the vertices you want to check for doubles ?
Is the Merge Distance large enough to encompass the double vertices (look in bottom of toolshelf or F6 when you remove doubles)

If still doesn’t work show a screenshot of where the doubles are and attach or post a link to your blend file so others can check it out. (please ALWAYS attach a suitable blend file for support questions)

You can also try, select the two verts then
ALT + M > At Last

Hey thanks for the help guys, thought it would work with only the vertices that hade the doubles.
And I will make sure to link files in the future when I`m asking for help.
Thanks again really appreciate it!