Remove frames


Is it possible to remove frames ?

Example : I have an animation with 1000 frames, and I want to remove frames from 100 to 199. So the resulting animation contains 900 frames.

Thanks in advance


IDK, but maybe this helps, press ALT + I on every frame to delete it

Thanks for your answer.

But my question is about Frames, et not KeyFrames (KeyFrames can be removed by typing ALT + I)

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Is it possible to remove the time?

But maybe you have something totally different in mind,
maybe you wanted to shift the whole animation 200 frames earlier
and then the tip about deleting keyframes is in the right direction.

But why not run the rendering starting at frame 200 …
(like said, maybe you have something totally different in mind…)

But you’re talking about moving keyframes, correct? The easiest way to do that is with the Dopesheet. Make sure you’re showing the summary (a red bar across the top) which shows ALL keyframes (make sure the limit-to-selection button is OFF and the ghost/show-hidden button is ON). Then you can simply draw a selection around frames 100-199, delete them, then select frames 200-1000, type G and press “-100” to slide them all 100 frames to the left.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, you can also use the Video Sequence Editor to edit your animation…

The easiest way to do this is with the VSE. Load your scene as a scene strip and cut out the frames you don’t want as if you were editing video.

There is also possible to animate time.

hey, men! i came to Blender from Maya and i need such functions as “Add in-betweens” & “Remove in-betweens”.
They are very useful for fine-tune timing. In Adobe Premiere such operations are called something like “Rip delete”.
I think it is not so hard to implement theese ops :slight_smile:
All animators will be happy.