Remove Shadow from green screen

Hey guys,

Im testing the camera track with the green screen plate, and i need extract the shadows from the green plate for composite.

So, i need a key with only the girl (without shadows) and another Key with only the shadows (her and of the objects).

Here is the picture, anyone can try to remove and send the node to me? I triyed the channel Key but dont worked, so i triyed subtract the red and green channel and adjust with the ramps and dont work as well…

Hope i be clear.

Thanks Guys.


This is what I managed to do in 5 minutes:

First example is just a dirty keying. Second one: Shadows added.

And with shadows:


I don’t think keying out the shadows is a good idea. It will just cause more problems down the road.
I think the best approach is to rotoscope them out.

Thanks BartekSkorupa, i will try this way :slight_smile:

If working on stills - yes, but this is a part of a sequence. In such cases I’d definitely key the shadows. Rotoscoping frame by frame will never give you good results unless you spend gazzillion boring hours :slight_smile:

Yeah… i dont know how to make this work… For one frame its ok, but for a sequence its really complicated… And im having problems with double shadow, the real and the 3d shadow, i try an d try but cant make a smooth join. You know how to do that? In the site has a video teaching the theory, but i dont know exactly how to do.
Here is the file, if you have a little time to look, i appreciate.
Really thanks Bartek :slight_smile:

The entire footage is from this site (i think you know that):, But you can try with this still to see the double shadow problem.


Tracking14.blend (1.09 MB)

The process is covered in one of the following example tutorials. Scroll down to the one called Receiving Shadows and Light.

Hy Daccy, I already watch the proccess of the video, but i even that i cant mix the two shadows. Thanks for the tutorials, i will watch.