Remove weight paint blender 2.6

I’m having some trouble with weight painting. I parented the object to the armature with automatic weights, and it all works fine - except for one object which has weight painting I want to remove. However, seemingly whatever I do cannot remove it. I hope someone can help me; I’m evidently missing something obvious


(I just can’t seem to get rid of this weight paint)

Your blend mode is set to Mix. Change it to Subtract.

That does not remove it - the auto-generated weight painting stays exactly the same. However, if I add my own weight painting, then try to remove that, it works. Here’s my settings for subtract:

Here’s my blend file:

You’ve got all sorts of things wrong with this file that are preventing this from working. First, you need to apply rotations and scales on all your objects (Ctrl-A in object mode). If you had done that first, that would have prevented a lot of the auto weights from bleeding from one side of the body to the other. Second, you need to apply the mirror modifiers if you’re done modeling. If you’re not done modeling, finish that before you start rigging. The weights you’re trying to erase are not on real geometry, they’re on generated geometry created by that mirror modifier, so you don’t really have access to it.