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removed for privacy reasons

Looks amazing so far! Im thrilled to see the next result :smiley:

I love the way you broke symmetry! it is fantastic! it seems she has a little of scoliosis going on, and that goes up to the face in a very realistic way.
The shape of the skull looks odd, to me, but I am sure you have do it like that on purpose. I love it so fare!

I really like your sculpt,so realistic you can feel the skull under the skin!
like the light too. Amazing so far.

stunning… love her face, very natural and don’t look typically like CG

Now that’s what I am talking about

This is really cool. The anatomy is on point and the skin shader is very nice :slight_smile:

You could try some polypainting (vertex colors) to bring in some color variation on her lips and face but that’s about the only thing that could make this better. Great job!

removed for privacy reasons