Removing geometry tip for a total newbie

Dear all,

I’m very new to Blender, so please bear with me if I say (or do) something dumb.

I’m exercising my modeling. I found this tail on a model; my plan is to make a fluffy object/tail out of a cylindrical one. The lower part was cut off, as it was IMHO too sharp:

My problem is the amount of geometry, as seen in the picture. I tried to reduce the geometry by selecting every other vertical edge, then slide the selection over to its neighbors, as seen below:

But this method takes the half of forever, and if, by error, I select a wrong vertex/loop, the whole thing is over - I have to go back to square 1.

So, please, I am asking for your help: Is there another way, other than the one mentioned above, to reduce (halve) the amount of edges/vertices? Is there a tool in Blender that does it automagically?

Conversely, is there a tool to double or triple the geometry, other than adding loop cuts?

Kind regards.

You can give the decimate modifier a try to reduce faces.

For the opposite, selecting all and subdivide will double. Subdivision surface modifier applied also works.

I would do it manually. Decimate can give you some sketchy geometry. Select one of the edges parallel to the way your surface flows.

Then in the bottom left, use Select > Edge Rings to get a selection like the picture above.

Now use Select > Checker Deselect to deselect every other edge in the ring. Use the Nth Selection parameter to select every 3rd edge or 4th edge etc.

Then use Select > Edge Loop to convert your selection to the full edge loops. Then just hit X > Edge Loops to delete your selection. You might have to select / deselect some loops manually, but this will definately speed the process up.

Thank you both for your guidance! Will try both methods; after all, I need to learn as much as possible. :smiley:

Kind regards.

Follow-up (hoping it’ll be helpful to other newbies): I tried both methods. As Mr. Will_Olis predicted, decimate produced strange results on this object. On the other hand, his technique worked for me as desired.
Again, thank you both for teaching me.