Removing Image Files From Blend File


I need some help. I have a model that I applied textures to from image files, and I’m trying to remove them but they keep showing up. I isolated the object to it’s own blend file (appended, not linked) to assure that there could be nothing else that could cause me confusion or cause problems. I then went into the Textures properties window and deleted every texture listed, using the X button. I also went into the Materials properties window and deleted every material listed. I then saved the file and exited completely before reloading.

Opening the file again, the textures are still on the object.

This is what I see:

Although there are no materials or textures listed in the properties windows, they’re still on my object.

Is this a bug in Blender, or is there a way to remove these image files?


It is possible that the images are being referenced by some material with a fake user, or the images have a fake user themselfs.

The fastest way to remove any fake user is to use the user_clear() function… in the console you can write ‘[’ -name of your image- ‘].user_clear()’ , and it will delete every references to that image.

To do the same for all the images, you can use a small python loop like this:

import bpy

for img in

Thanks for the information. I’ll try this out.

Or just select the image in the UV editor, and press shift while clicking the X. This removes all users and makes sure it is removed after save.


Shift - x place a 0 after image to tell it will be deleted.

I You open Orphan Data in outliner You can see which file will be deleted.
You can do the same for Material.

There is a Button to purge all…Puff Puff