Removing particle system settings

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to delete the particle system settings from an object. Everytime you remove the particle system and then apply a new particle system, it creates new Settings (eg. “ParticleSettings.006”)

I’m looking for a way to completely delete those particle settings? I don’t seem to figure out how to even do that manually…

I’m creating a script to create particles on an object, and every time you run it, it deletes those settings and create new settings. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

That is the way Blender works. To remove the setting completely you must exit Blender and reopen Blender. Then your memory space will be “Clean” and empty.

The way to approach this task is to make your code quit creating junk in memory. Before you create a new particle system, simply check to see if you have already done that and if so, relink the existing one.

But overall, don’t even worry about those extra systems hanging around, they will go away when you exit Blender.

By the way: This is how all data blocks behave. It is not just a particle system behavior. You will see the same thing with meshes, objects materials etc…

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Thanks Atom…that makes more sense! Will give that a try at home tonight! :yes: