removing terragen haze

(d52477001) #1

i just downloaded terragen and it is a great program. I just have one problem: all the images that i render look as if there is some sort of a haze. the images just aren’t clear.
for normal images this qould be ok but i want to put the picture on a plane and outside of a window in blender to give a nice view. This would work perfectly if that ‘haze’ wasn’t there. Does anyone know how to remove this?



(Detritus) #2

Hi! Yeah, Terragen is just great, and combined with Blender, it rocks!

Anyway, I think that you can erase the haze by editing the fog settings in the Atmosphere-“menu” (it´s a window, actually). If you don´t know where to find it, it´s the button with a cloud on.
Good luck with both Terragen and Blender! Hope this helps!

(KarbonCopy) #3

Is there an actual program that puts the two together?
I mean or do you just have to render the two and put them together in like PSP7 Or PS7?

(Bapsis) #4

You need to use the Ter2Blend script, you can get it from:

Note: You also need to have Python installed


Blend on, and blend well!!!