removing vertex from shape keys


Is there a way to remove a vertex from a shape key?

I was adding some shape keys to my mesh and by mistake I changed a shape key that was already finished.

I need to know if is there a way to erase the shape key of the vertexes I added by mistake

I don’t understand the question. You can remove a shape key, but you can’t (or aren’t supposed to) be adding or removing vertices to shape keys.

You can propagate a certain mesh structure to all of the shape keys by using the Propagate To All Shapes option in the W (specials) menu in Edit mode. Select the vertices you want to propagate to all shapes and choose that menu items. That shape will be set for those vertices for all shapes.

that was, esentially, my question

The thing is I screwed up part of the work I had already, and wanted to know if that could be fixed… it seems I’ll have to make those shapes again… :frowning:

The only thing I could do was affecting just a portion of the mesh by making a vertex group and adding it to the Vgroup field under the shapes tab. But it seems to me like a temporary solution.

I think the best is to remake the screwed work

thanks for the reply

If the change only messed up part of the mesh then, like Tony said, you can select those verts then use a different shape-key to propagate the basic shape (or a different shape) to just those vertices using the W-key>propagate to…

Of course, this won’t return it to the previous shape unless you have another shape where those verts are in the positions you need them to be for the messed-up shape.

Save often (and save many)

Actually, I think you CAN fix this. If you set a vertex group to the shape you messed up then the shape only affects the parts within that vertex group correct? So the rest of the model is back alright. If you add a new shapekey with that messed up shapekey WITH a vertex group assigned, it will create a new shapekey exactly like the previous one, only without the vertex group. The vertex group information is kinda “baked” into the newly created shapekey, so you can start fresh and still keep the parts that are right.

Organising your shapekeys is another thing though… it’s hell.
Like Bugman said, you shouldn’t be removing vertices as in DELETING them from the model, but that is NOT what you are after right? you only want their appearance in the messed up shapekey to be “reset” right?
Easy to fix. add a vertrgoup, and duplicate the shapekey, it will be a fresh one without the vertgroup, and without the mess ups.

Wow, it’s true, I didn’t know that one

thanks a lot, that information will be really useful in my work :smiley: