Renamon Cycles Fur

Attached image is 2048 x 2048 in size. Click two times to see full resolution.

I’m not going to post the lengthy text here about how this render came together. You can find the lengthy text here and here.

In short this is one of the models I use to experimenting with various rendering stuff. Here especially I wanted to get fur rendering in Cycles working. This is a huge pain in the rear since it is still buggy implemented (hair cutting into base mesh and getting clamped), lacking features (length texture can not go beyond 1!) and crashes whenever the children count goes up too much (more fur not possible or else: crash!). Rendering thin hair particles like fur doesn’t render properly with Cycles for some reason. Tried to fix it with some alpha ramp towards the hair tip to make it blend better but Cycles still has the tendency to either render hair like a brush or totally fading it out to invisibility. If somebody has ideas or crits you can post them.

Technical Details:

  • Blender 2.67b
  • Cycles Rendering
  • 3 Scene rendering composited together (100 samples)
  • Render Size 2048 x 2048
  • Render Time total 4h (CPU, GPU rendering in Cycles is STILL bugged with OpenCL)
  • 1 Hair Particle System with length, color and density maps
  • HDRR light map and environment map from

As always with these kinds of models based on foreign characters the obligatory legal disclaimer:
Renamon Design and Digimon Franchise belongs to Bandai. The 3D Model itself belongs to me.


That Renamon piñata looks very convincing

Hi i like it ,her tail is better but i think your sample is low however that is good work thanks

Didn’t I see this backdrop from somewhere?

@JSaffari: If Cycles would properly support OpenCL as it should I could do higher sample rates. But with CPU it takes already 4h+ on 100 samples and makes my system swaet at 80°+ :open_mouth:

@ XeroShadow: I used the same background for another image I posted here when I tried to find a solution to green-box render a model into an existing HDR background. I so far stuck to this one for omdel presentation as I didn’t find a better one yet. So chances are you have seen the background there.

No… I think someone used this same back drop on a render using Charizard from Pokemon. Was that the image you were talking about?

I made that image with the Charizard. It has been the green-box experiment.

Well, taking into account the limitations you are having to deal with you’ve done a great job. :slight_smile:

Ah, talk about dejavu.