Renault 12 Break

Hello Blender artists.

I started this project several months ago and I thought I could share it with you and get a little feedback. I left it untouched for so long that I had to redo it all because all my noobness. Here we go: []( is my first project aside from following some tutorials so any feedback is welcome.


I edited the first post, is it awaiting moderation?

I’m having trouble with the headlights and managed to remove some nasty warping and areas without any displacement but looks like the problem is about my model being sloppy.

Is this the first time that you’ve modeled a car or have you done this before? It looks like you have and, if so, then I would like some advice for a beginner since I am starting on a car 3d model myself.

This is my first time, really. In fact I’m having a lot of trouble with stuff that seems natural after using it for a while. Texturing the headlights were such a pain till I realized that the subsurf modifier was messing up the UVs.

Feel free to ask anything. I’ll answer the best I can.

Improved the front grid and filled some gaps between doors and other stuff. Added the license plate, Renault logo, front turn lights and side trims.

To do:

  • Rework wheels
  • Make some interior stuff
  • Tweak crystals and frames
  • Make a muffler and back logo
  • Enhance back lights
  • Put up a decent scene with some composition

Great first car model, dude! It looks very promising. i’ll be looking forwards to see how it develops.
i love R12. Some day i’ll try model my own R12.

Looks good. I think some of the materials could be improved especially on the wheels. A bit of glossiness on the rims, windows, and car paint might make it look better.

After working this summer I’m resuming this project.