Renault Scenic - upd. April 1

I started yesterday to work on a new car, a Renault Scenic.

Right now I’m working to get the general shape and flow lines right then I will start the detailing process.

Some images of the real Renault Scenic

Comments and sugestions are welcome.

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Almost finished the metal part of the car. Still have to add the door handles and to cut the rear bumper.

Added the front lights (no glass yet), the plastic grids in the front and the Renault sign. Added wheels.

I plan to model also the interior of the car.


Looking good! although it looks like you have a ton of poly’s in the front and they aren’t placed evenly over the the entire body.

I don’t think it matters because by the looks of it, the chassis is modular. The front wings for instance are no longer attached to the rest of the chassis as in the earlier pictures. (At least, I think that’s what Cipix did)

So it’s perfectly okay for the front wing to have a higher mesh density than the rear because it’d really become a separate object.

Besides, looking at the overal smoothed version, I can see no problems at all with creases, bulges, or smoothing problems.

You keep going Cipix, you’re well on track with this one :smiley:

Yes, I’ve subdivided (apply subsurf) the front bumper once I was pleased with the general shape. The front bumper is now a separate mesh.

I did this because I needed finer details on the front bumper (the Renault rhomb and the lower air opening). I didn’t have enough gemetry there and cutting loops and then smoothing is much harder and boring then just applying subsurf.

You get a lot vertices by doing that but this is at a stage when you work only on small details and the rest of the mesh is “set in stone”.

The doors also will probably get subdivided in order to add the door handles, maybe other car parts.

Update #2



I’ve almost finished the exterior modelling (80% ready).
I will start the interior this week.

jagged lines…bad…need OSA…badly…

please :]

All of these pics are nopt renderd are they? if not please post a renderd vertion. looks like you need to do a set smooth on the tail lights unless thats the look your going for.

good work.


These are OpenGL renders.

I didn’t start yet to render the car. I will finish first with the modelling and only then I will start to setup the lights, materials and background.

The reason for that is that I used to spend a lot time rendering unfinished models. Better use that time to model.

The unsmoothed tail light is intentional. The light reflectors of the modern cars are not smooth, they are composed by microfacets. I don’t want to model these microfacets, it’s too complicated, however, an unsmoothed mesh looks wery similar with a microfaceted reflector.

yeah, they are micro-faceted like you say. but i would bring the subsurf level up one more…i don’t think they are quite that big :]

Started the work on the interior:

nephets: I’m not convinced I’ll keep the faceted look. If I increase the subsurf by one the facets are becoming too small.

Worked a bit more on the car, here you have the first render:

There is still much work to do.

I would like to hear your comments.

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Thank you batman. I also like the paint, but I still have to work a lot on the glass. The glass is very hard to get right.

Concerning the glass, are you inputing the real physical values of that material? I mean, some ray-tracing parameters rely on accepted physical values.

But it could be complicated because car windows are made of a plastic layer in between glass layers… just an idea :slight_smile:

Anyway, as long as it LOOKS real everything is fine… :slight_smile:

I would like to know some real values for car glass like IOR and Fresnel indices and transparency of the glass. Unfortunately I don’t know them :frowning: so I have to tweak them till the windows looks more or less right.

List of IOR values for just about everything you will ever need:

Hope that helps you out.


I dunno… I think the material on the body of the car looks all grainy. But that might just be because of jpeg image compression. Awesome modeling, though.

Almost finished the modelling - only some details on the interior and the stop light glass needs to be finished.

I’ve started now to work on lighting and render.

For now I’ve decided to do a “studio setup”. Here is the new render.