Rend and sort?

I’m making animations for 2D games. Is there a Python script that can render a frame, save , advance to the next frame, advance the name, save, repeat a specified # of times? Better yet go through 8 or 16 directions sorting all rendered frames by name?
I should learn this for myself, but time may be of the essence.

You don’t need a script. In the render buttons (F10) just select the image extension (png, tga, jpg etc) you want to use in the 2d package, and click the “Do Sequence” button. It will render a sequence of images numbered from 0 to whatever number of frames you have set.


The do sequence is just to use the sequencer.

just render the animation with the file format as a still picture (jpg, png etc) blender automatically changes the name for each frame

As usual I overlooked that. :wink:
That will work fine for me, and I guess anyone else using this file will need to know how to repose .