render alpha transparency

i have to model some trees and the leaf texture has to be rendered transparently.

how would i do this? can anyone give me short introduction?

i did a forum search but didn’t find good answers. i also did experiment a lot with materials (i tried one texture with alpha and two textures with a separate bitmap for alpha) but i wasn’t able to figure it out.

for this I would use the hair cards method, using leaves instead of hair.

Try somethin like this:

thanks! but probably i am too stupid… :slight_smile:

the panel screenshots of this tutorial are of an older version. some buttons don’t seem to exist anymore (like the ztransp one).

no matter what i try i can’t get the material to render transparently.

ztransp is still there. under the “Mirror Transp” tab

ah, thanks, but it didn’t help either. :slight_smile: i think ztrans has something to do with z-buffering or sorting the transparent faces.

this is driving me crazy…

is it even possible to use a tga with alpha channel and have it rendered transparently? or do i have to use a separate texture for transparency information? and what settings exactly are necessary? or is there some example file somewhere?

i tried this:

loaded the tga with alpha into the first texture slot of the material and toggled “usealpha”. in the material preview it showed transparent like it should but it didn’t render transparently.

i also tried using two textures. i mapped the first texture to “color” and the second texture to “alpha”. it didn’t work either.

i think i use the bf-build from november 17.[/quote]

that’s got to help, sorry I couldn’t find a newer version on elYsiun :-?

thanks! wow, nice tutorial… i hope this wiki will be the central place for all blender tutorials in the future.

the dvar value and the alpha slider were my problems! :slight_smile:

Excellent! I was looking for something like this just 2 days ago!