Render animation in MPEG?

Hi everyone,

For practice I knocked up a quick 2 second animation but when I try to render it as mpeg it comes up with

Error initializing video stream

Any ideas?

(BTW it comes up with the same error on my other computer too)

I get the same with xvid mpeg4 in a 2.56 trunk and a build I just got today 2.7. But I have a build 2.5 something ( not so old ) loopduplicate freestyle and fast math. I have no problems with this build. I have no idea why this one works.

hi JamesNZ, i’ve had problems with that too. i googled it a while back and got the impression that the resolution settings and such have to be ‘just so’ to render to certain video formats. i’ve found that if i go down to the video format dropdown box, select “mpeg”, then go to the encoding tab, select the “DVD” preset, and then right underneath that change the ‘format’ to, say, “mpeg-1”, and render out using that, it’ll render. of course, this changes the resolution to 720x480…

i haven’t found any kind of list of video formats and their required dimensions/settings to render correctly (which would be immensely helpful, if anyone knows of one). video formats is such a byzantine topic to me, so i’m sorry if this doesn’t help much.

P.S. - i like your signature.

Not sure what I did but it renders now:)! BTW Joel, you can change the resolution in the Dimensions menu. (That;s what I did)

yeah, i did know that, but thank you for saying it in case i didn’t :slight_smile: i’ve had trouble with changing the dimensions when rendering straight to mpeg though… i often get the same error message about initializing the video stream.