Render animation not saving

Hey everyone, just looking for some help. I have an animation of 175 frames. It’s set to 60fps at 1920x1080 with lossless image quality. It does take long to render but i’m okay with the wait. The problem i’m having is when it saves to a file; it’s set to ffmpeg-4 with H.264, encoding speed is set to real time and the audio codec is mp3 at 48000hz. When the render is finished, I go to the file and it’s only 2 seconds long and nothing actually plays. No audio, no video. Can anyone help me fix this, because it’s for my youtube channel and I really want to get this working. Thank you in advance

Did you do a smaller test? And it’s always a good idea to render every singleimage and compress afterwards. Encoding speed to real time and lossless… ??? What ??? And by the way 175 frames with 60 frames a second are just 2.9 seconds…

I don’t know about the audio, but at that 60fps rate it seems 2 seconds is normal. Most players will count it as 3 seconds only if it passes , in your case 180 frames in total.

Lossless image quality does that often with real time encoding.
I would suggest checking this article out