Render animation stops working

Hi. I am trying to render a frame animation. After certain frames, always in a different frame number, the render stops showing progress, just shows 100% , but does not continue with the following frames.

Blender does not crash either… it just stops there at 100% of a frame…of course, if I try to close …it crashes.

Where exactly should I check for error messages?

Thank you

The obvoius question: Enough disk space in temp or working dir? (And since you had problems with a sim, maybe even RAM error?)

Thank you for your fast answer.
I have 128 GB of ram …and the scene is quite simple. Also, I tried in another computer and does not work either.

Regarding Temp. Should I empty the folder called temp in Blender folder?

Edit: erased GB from my temp…still does it. Not sure this is about the temp folder.

Found the issue. Instanced collections of particles…when I erased those…the scene worked out…quite strange.