Render Audio Only in Blender?

Does anybody know if it’s possible to render only a .MP3 or any other audio format in Blender and how to do it?

I’m rendering out an Image Sequence right now, and I would like to render out the music and narration it’s synched to as its own audio file. In the past, I’ve rendered out a low-res video file, then used a separate program to extract just a .MP3. But I would like to do this in Blender natively to save time and the tiny bit of quality.

I think that is what the Mixdown button is – in the scene settings – click mixdown – it’ll prompt for a name and codec

Perfect, thanks a lot, Daren!

For future lurkers, you just have to type the name and file extension (.flac, .mp3, whatever) in the save window and then click “Mixdown”.

Yes it’s funny that it seems hidden over in the scene tab away from the other render settings.

Did you know that there is a Crossfade Effect (space bar search not menu)? You need to audio strips to mix between. To do a fade up from 0db I had to do a mixdown of mute a sequence first. But Blender didn’t recognise the mixdown(!?). Had to drag it in. after that it appears as a media strip.