Render blurred and too fast

Here is a noob question. I am not new to modelling, but I am to animating.
I have a character, I placed him on a set built up to see how his walk cycle will look against the background.
I set it to 20 frames so that I can get a quick look to see if I am happy with it…
I’ve hit both render and animate, and the problem starts. The walk cycle is sped up so that it nearly looks like he is trying to do a whole cycle per frame and it is all blurred.
Here is where my noobiness shows. The walk cycle in the action editor is converted over from single mode to composite mode and I made the cycle last 105 frames for a full cycle via the properties panel.
Is the fact that that action itself being 105 frames is all being forced into the 20 frames I am trying to render just for a fast sneak peak so I get the whole 105 frames of action crammed into just 20 rendered frames so it is now super fast and blurry?
Do I have to render 105 frames instead of 20 in order for that action to be animated correctly? 105 frames takes a while so that is why I have not tried it. Thought I’d ask, Thanks.

A medium walk of 10 steps is between 5 and 6 seconds (125 t0 150 frames) so two steps should be about 25 to 30 frames.

I’ve hit both render and animate,

Use only Animate and it may be blurred because you have MotionBlur on?


Never mind, I figured it out. It was simple actually, so anyone who has a problem where the animation is too fast here is one reason why;
You may have your animation “action” set to a larger total number of frames than you are trying to render.
Example: You made a walk cycle that lasts 120 frames. You goto render and you want to render 50 frames for your movie. Well, all 120 frames of the walk cycle will be sped up to fit into the 50 frames you want your movie to be rendered in. Hence a very fast walk cycle that seems blurry.
What did I learn? Make your movie last at least as long as your action. If I make a 200 frame action, my overall frames rendered had better be 200 if I want it to look right when it is played back.