Render_Check_List [Blender2.8-2.79]

Organize the menu so that you can easily check the pre-render check items. Add some rendering related features.

Before rendering, there is a task to check whether the settings are correct each time, but the location of the items to check is bothersome because it is scattered.
So I put together the menus I needed, and I made an organized add-on.


$3 gumroad


Property → Dimensions


  • -Display final resolution Pixel
  • -Swap X / Y resolution values
  • -Apply percentage
  • -Display the number of frames to be rendered


  • -Divided into resolution, frame, sample and other classifications so that they can be opened and closed individually
  • -Revival of render button
  • -Enable to check background transparency setting, overwrite setting, enable setting of Auto Save Render Add-on


  • Blender 2.79 version is also available