Render composite versus render from camera

Hey, I have a scene where I’m simply trying to read in an image sequence, composite it, and write the new image sequence elsewhere.

However, I can’t seem to render. Whenever I hit “render animation” nothing happens, no errors, and my original uncomposited image shows up in the render view. What gives?

Below is a monitor grab showing what I see after I click “render animation”

What’s more- I can’t seem to render from my camera anymore. Why? :frowning:

No demo blend file supplied with post

Ensure you have nothing in the sequencer, if so delete or disable in Render / Post Processing

> No demo blend file supplied with post
Here’s the file … Watanabe_Ito_Soma_12Fold_01_comp.blend (509 KB)…but it’s reading in local images into the compositor.

You were right- there was something in the video editer which I’ve now deleted. So that fixed half the issue.
There’s still the issue that it only renders one frame … and doesn’t write it.

Ah I had a render layer node in the comp tree that wasn’t plugged into anything.
Deleting it fixed the issue.

Thanks for all your help!