Render Composited Over Video results in flichering shading with cycles.

This has happened to me for the second time: When I combine multiple render layers with footage(and even without combing them with footage) using compositing nodes the resulting video has flickering shadows/shading. Here is a link to the video:

and the .blend File:

Has anyone else experienced this, know if it’s a bug, or if this is caused by my compositing node setup?

Help would be very much appreciated!

Note: I wasnt sure which support section to post this thread it. If it should be posted elsewhere please let me know.

What do the individual renderlayers look like? Is it flickering in those as well, or does it only happen after you combined them?

They are not shadows flickering but face shading flickering. How did you render, Cycles or BI? Did you check that all duplicated verts are removed. As nemodaedalus suggests, is the flickering present in a a staright render of the un compositited footage?

My vote would be for a bad track. What was the solve error?

@@3pointEdit: I rendered using Cycles, and yes the flickering is still there, Last time I had this problem was when I rendered the scene out into a PNG sequence. It might be a problem with the new Bullet Integration I used to simulate the fractured… everytime this has happened its when I use the Bullet rigid body simulator. It’s a separate build of blender.

thanks for the responses.

I had a look at your blend file and it does look like you have overlapping faces. Idk how you handled the shards, maybe you already had overlapping faces on the original model. If you have a backup, see how it’s in there.
To fix now, you have to select each shard, tab into edit mode, hit A (possibly twice, once to deselect and once to select all), hit W and choose ‘Remove Doubles’. You should see a message pop up in the top bar saying ‘x verts removed’, where x is the number of double vertices you had. Once you’re done with all of these, render again and then I think the problem should be solved.
Again, idk how this happened, but if it was a problem with the original model already, you may only need to do this for all shards that touch the outside, and none of the fully inside ones.

Yeah, I guess I should have checked that before posting…oh well, thanks for all the help!

ps. I used the cell fracture add-on, that’s why the double vertices were generated.