Render crashing in 2.63

hi guys,

im sure alot of you have seen my current wip but to cut a long story short. Updated to 2.63 went to render an animation in a fairly small res in .png format and after about the second frame it crashes.
thought yeah fair enough, installed 2.62 along side it and rendered using the same settings and has rendered no problems at all.
are we looking at a bug?

Possibly, did you report it?

not yet, i wasnt sure if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. Just wanted to make sure its not an isolated incident :slight_smile:

I’m getting the same problem… not a complicated scene, but since I saved in 2.63 I can’t open it in any earlier versions… :frowning:

you should save blend-file in legacy format (see option in save as)

Did not know you could save in Legacy Format… Really good, now I can render my animations! :smiley: Thanks!