RENDER DEV: Matt Ebb rewriting Farsthary's volumetrics code, incredible results

Incredible stuff and you can do things like have true volumetric light shafts and multiple lights scattering in a volume…

Since Broken is working on rewriting the volumetrics stuff Farsthary started on I really hope he uses this in Kajimba to show this is what Blender will be able to do sometime in the near future.:eek:

Its cool to see that Broken is working on this as well. Its unfortunate to see that a lot of Fartsharty’s code couldn’t be used as he was far along with his implementation, but it needed to be done. I can imagine that once Farstharty learn the ropes we will see quite bit of code form him in the future.

Nice to see that. Collaboration is good.

I wish Broken could also finish the other projects like IBL and custom anisotropic patterns
so they can be part of the official build.