Render/Export Help Please!

I am EXTREMELY new to blender but somehow I managed to make a very short intro animation that I would like to use for my videos. (I am much more into making videos than animations.) However, I have NO idea how to render (what that even means honestly) or how to export my animation with a background to use in a video. The clip is only about 7 seconds long and I really want to know how to put a background and how to get the final animation with a background in my video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.) Thanks for any help guys!

Just remember I am really new so try to keep it simple when explaining. :slight_smile:

Rendering means calculating everything in your scene to an image, as your scene camera sees it.
When you press numpad_0 you can switch to camera view and see how the camera is positioned. When you render a still image (F12), the rendering engine calculates your lights, materials, textures, world background, everything to an image.

Blender comes with two rendering engines: Blender render and Cycles. They are very different so setting materials and lighting will be different based on which one you choose, and rendering will also be different. You can check tutorials from the top of this webpage where it says “New to Blender?” and check the getting started tutorials. Those tutorials show Cycles but I think you’d be better off using Blender render (which is the default still). Here are tutorials for that

Rendering an animation means rendering many of those still images and it’s recommended to do that as two step process.
First render the frames as image files and then use those to combine a video file if you so like. You can do that with Blender’s video editor but you might not have to combine as video if your video editor supports image sequences.
You need to set the correct resolution in the render properties, check that you have right fps, set the end frame to be where your animation stops, set the output folder (make a new one), set the output format (PNG is good general purpose format) and press “animation” on top of the render properties. Shortcut is Ctrl+F12.