Render Farm Help Needed Urgent

For an upcoming project, I need to create a Blender animation. We are working in Blender 2.65a, the latest stable build, and we’re using the Cycles render engine. We’re looking for a render farm available to us that is free (most likely using publicly distributed rendering), up-to-date (many render farms, vSwarm,, appear to be down at the moment), and supports our needs (stated above).

I realize this is a lot to ask, but if you do know of one that fits the needs, I’ll be happy to add my computer to the rendering power and will be regularly submitting jobs, thus keeping the render farm healthy and active.

Thank you!

Take a look to renderweb, they start as facebook application but now it is possible without facebook account.

Cheers, mib.

Try they support 2.64, ill add my computer to their network

This sounds pretty good, and are they keeping the website up-to-date?

Dang, it looks like they do not support any frame change scripting.

Lots of big studios have added their project files to Fox render farm,it’s better and faster than others.