Render faster - free disttributed rendrering addon new release

Merry Christmas! :smiley: We’ve released the latest version of our distributed rendering addon for blender and its free. Just head to our website via the link below and you can download it after creating a free account and try it out, we’d love to know what you think, whats missing and what would be cool to have added.

The addon in its current state is the culmination of about six to twelve months of work including testing with over 250 artists from the blender community. We’ve been through about 14 revisions of the current release before finally releasing it. We’re about to do this all again for the next revision but now we’re planning to release every 5-6 weeks with smaller, more incremental changes.

All the best


Congrats. This needs to be included with Blender.

Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for saying so! One day it may be included. Though I am not sure in what form that will be.

Of course it would be great to have our addon in blender. Maybe with enough support from the community we could make this happen! If enough people comment on, and share this thread it might just work :smiley:

To be blunt: I wouldn’t hope for Adoption of this addon, as long as it requires registration.

To be fair to us making the addon, we’re in alpha stage and we’re in need of feedback. Having registration is a way to allow us to send out a survey to gather that feedback.

If the thought of registration is not appealing, perhaps wait for a while until we’re in the beta stage and beyond. At that stage of development I’m hopeful we won’t need to have registration for downloading it.

All the best


Well that might came across totally different than it was intended. I can totally see why you opted in a registration and I am totally fine with it. I just wanted to point out, that it’s unlikely that something will be included into Blender, that needs a registration. As your add-on progresses and you will eventually make the description optional ( I even think, you don’t need one right now, because you’re guaranteed to get feedback.) it will very likely end up in the official add-ons.

Hey, yeah I can appreciate your point, our intentions are good though :). I guess that’s not always transparent with every entity that is making software.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in it potentially becoming an official addon in the blender downloads. I hope to see the day :). For now things are a little clunky with registrations as I mentioned before, the need for feedback to make sure we’re developing the features that count for faster productivity. I think this is working too, we’ve seen people asking for the same thing that can’t know each other and that is a clear signal that there are important features still missing which is my way of assessing that this is still alpha stage.

The beta will come when the features being requested are pretty much done. Then I think registration will not be necessary for the free addon, but we are planning an online service, that will require registration, but that won’t be required in order to download the addon.

Have a great boxing day!