Leonardo Render is offering free use of our GPUs to render your Blender Projects!

Download our software at and contact us at [email protected] to setup your account!

We are thrilled to be offering this to the Blender Community and hope you enjoy this experience!

-Team Leonardo


I´m interested in runing simulations with the render service. Simulations like fractures and liquid. Is it necessary to copy the cached folder to your server?

No, just run the render with Leonardo and we would ask should you choose to run this beta you please inform us of any issues. As well as all the good as well!


Team Leonardo

I watched the videos on the page and read the faq. This looks extremely interesting.
Question I couldn’t find an answer to: How does the rendering work with external files? Can I have non-packed texture, or linked blend files to my scene?

Thank you! :slight_smile: