render freestyle on some object and not others in the same scene

Can I for example; I like to use free style (outline of images), but I do not want to use free style on some objects, is it possible to only pick what you want rendered with freestyle in groups in the outliner window

Add the objects you want freestyle to affect to a group and use the group function in the freestyle settings

Richard I must be missing a point or two…Lets say I have two cubes, do I group both of them, and do I have to have freestyle selected before hand? When I group my two cubes, I see them in the outline window as a group, when I highlight the cube I want freestyle only, both of them are free style. I followed your diagram and have selected what you have but still does not work. I am using 2.7 version. I noticed with I do not select freestyle originally the freestyle in the group section is ghosted out, so that mean I have to have it on first.

I highlight the cube I want freestyle and click on the freestyle button to select it. but the cube that I did not high light and also made sure the freestyle was uncheck for that cube, but when I render both are outlined…appreciate you help…Leo