Render glass with alpha transparency, cycles, blender 2.8

I have my glass model in blenders 2.8 beta, I want to render it and get alpha transparency which I can place it on other background and it can be see through. I have try with view layer but it does not work.

Please adviseglass file

I’d render it on a green background and then key out the green colour.

you should be aware though that you are going to lose the refraction and caustics that glass casues if you place the glass in a non-3d software

Oh :see_no_evil: … Sorry, no offense but, I wouldn’t advice to do that.

Just check transparent in Render --> Film params, and save it to RGBA png :slight_smile:

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it won’t work.
transparency over glass is not transpaert anymore

You can check transparency for glass :slight_smile:
And here you go :

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That’s solved my 3 days problem stuck :slight_smile: @tricotou!

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