Render Issue - 2x Radeon VII, Blender 2.90.1, Cycles


Turn out that Blender 2.91 has no problem with volumes as long as I use CPU for render within Cycles. As soon as I switch to GPU…splat. Which…wasn’t the case a mere one day ago. I’m officially lost.


Rolled AMD driver back to 2020Q3, running Blender 2.91, and I’ve finally got Cycles rendered viewport working. HOWEVER, no matter what I do, the very first time I enter rendered view in Cycles after opening a project, I get the “split kernel” error. So I then enter solid view again, and when I jump back to rendered view, the GPU initiates path tracing and I see what I’m supposed to see. Haven’t tried any renders yet, going to do that now.

I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but I can’t say I’ve ever truly had a smooth ride in Blender with the Radeon VII and AMD’s shaky drivers. My workstation is designed for high-end color correction in Davinci Resolve (Radeons work great in Resolve). Guess I just can’t catch a break with AMD and Blender.


I’ve seen this result before, but it seemed that it was an older AMD driver causing an issue. Updating the driver fixed the problem.

However, I’ve been on AMD 2020Q3 Enterprise/Pro driver since its release without issue, but I recently updated to 20.9.1 after experiencing some issues in Blender 2.90.1. All seemed well.

Until today when I got the above result AFTER already completing another render without issue. So I switched to 2020Q4 and am experiencing the same issue. I have HBCC enabled (always use it with my Radeon VIIs).

TR 2920x
2x Radeon VII
64GB Trident Z Neo @ 2933mhz, CS16
Windows 10 Pro, latest build.

Thoughts? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen it happen.

EDIT: In the above image, it’s also not rendering the cube volume correctly that surrounds the scene, which it had been rendering fine earlier in the day.


Suddenly my viewport render for a volume cube is scattering out rainbow puke and then crashing the program occasionally. Any thoughts?

And yet another weird version of the scattered RGB in the volume render in Cycles.

The hits just keep coming! :thinking: