Render issue

I dress a character with various clothes that I store in collections, but instead of getting an image of her with the clothes she actually wears in the camera view, Blender 2.82 renders her with the whole dressing room on the back, even though the items are hidden. What can I do?
Thanks for your help.


Can we see your outliner? Something might be visible in rendered view but not in the viewport.

There it is…

Click on the funnel icon and activate all the restriction filters.
I think it is such a weird decision to hide these by default.
Maybe when you do, it will be clear to you. If not, keep asking but provide a screenshot of the filters as well.

I was blind but now I see…
I agree, it would indeed be better not to hide these icons by default. Saving space, I presume.
Anyway, many thanks for your quick and helpful replies, Rhen and CarlG! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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It’s fine when you know about it. But the discoverability is far to small, based on number of times I’ve seen this question. Maybe a better design would be to show all of them with a default wide outliner which is then collapsed to the single one when the outliner is reduced in width? Or a header with collapse and expand button? I really don’t know. There is a reason I’m not a UI/UX designer :smiley: