Render large animation as separate images

I have relatively large animation that consist of 2760 frames, and each is 640x480 with AO, raytracing etc, i need about 2-4 mins for each frame. I reckon that render on my machine would be 4-5 days.
I guess best way would be to render images as stills, and assemble at the end all images in one AVI file. That way I can easily control or replace every image. Only I am not sure what is best way to compile such number of images in one single animation ? Or is there better way (excluding network render?)
Thanks, Nenad

One way to do it is like this.
Render out all your fames in a PNG sequence.
Launch Blender, delete the cube.
Set your layout to #4 sequencing.
Press F5, then the world button.
Click the Add New button under the Texture and Input tab.
Press F6.
Select image from the Texture Type drop down.
Click the Load button that will appear.
Browse to your pre-rendered image sequence.
Change the Image from a “Still” to a “Sequence” and click the AutoRefresh button.
Set your frames equal to the length of your final animation. (2760)
Change the end frame for the Scene animation to match as well. (Press F10 then change the end value to 2760).
Click the Add menu item in the Video Sequence Editor window (NOTE:This window appears when you select layout # 4 above) then click “Scene”
Click again to lock in the strip.
this will place a copy of your scene in the video sequencer. Because the only thing in your scene is the background of the world, you can render this into any format you like. AVI, MOV etc.

I’m sure there are other ways, but this way will work. You can also add your audio into the final render, if you have any,

atom gave a pretty detailed instruction there…its a good chance to start learning the Video Sequence Editor