Render Layers and Compositing

I’m working on a character with a helmet and armor. I wanted to create a glowing blue visor for the helmet, so I moved it to a separate object in a different render layer and used the compositor to add a blur effect with the visor’s blue material with emission. It mostly looks fine, but the problem is that when I add the node in the compositor to add the two render layers together, the second render layer changes the entire image instead of just adding the visor.

This is what the image looks like with only the first render layer. I want the entire render to look just like it only with the added visor/lens part of the helmet.

This is what the render looks like with both render layers.

And here is an image of the compositor window.

Render with transparent background. You are currently adding the grey background colour as well as the blue glow colour

Look under Render / Shading panel to set the alpha the transparent.
If you want a background colour just add a in the compositor

Thanks, that fixed it. That solution did screw up the blue part of the helmet with the blur effect, but I fixed that by duplicating that object and moving one of them to the first render layer without the blur effect.