Render layers noob. WTF!

Hey guys, aint been blendering for a while, havent touched it for about six months so Im a little rusty.
Just doing this little bit of a thing for a short film, trying (for the first time) to break up the scene into render layers and comp it back together.

But the shadow passes and things dont seem right.

for example.

these black wholes appear on the shadow pass but are not there in the combined (comped by blender) image. I cant then comp it to anything without the black holes. Anyone any thoughts?


Are you using an experimental build? I haven’t seen any issues like that with the official release but there are lots of those kinds of issues with the current test builds.

Other than that you really haven’t given anyone much to go on, which is why your post has just been hanging out without response. An example file and your current build will get you results faster than anything else.

Please post a screenshot of your current node setup.

i think you mix multiply the shadow pass with the diffuse pass.

I think there was some issues with raytrans things (if your scene uses them) between layers (not renderlayers i think)… just a thought.

Are you using the TraShadow button?
If so, there is a bug in it. It does not separate the shadow layer for some reason. Solution might be to turn off TraShad, render the shadow layer, then tint it to the color.