Render not as Expected

I have this model of 3 grain silos - they are made simply from 3 cylinders. when I select F12 I only see one - any ideas why?

If you change from Blender Internal to Cycles at the top of the screen do they show up when you render?

It’s probably something simple. Can you share the .blend file?

In the object list for the 2 silos… is the Camera all the way to the right on or off? That’s the only thing I would know that would do that. Can’t tell from your screen shot since it doesn’t show the whole list.

Thanks for the replies .

it had to be something simple and it was :grinning:

Somehow i managed to click the “restrict rendering” button on tanks 2 & 3 - OOPS!

at least i know what the little camera does now (although why you would use it - I have no clue - EDIT I do have a clue - there are people out there rendering FAR more complicated stuff than me!)

Thanks again