Render not matching camera view

So, I’m new at Blender, and I’ve gotten my first scene ready for rendering. But I’m having a lot of trouble positioning the camera. After looking at the docs, I’ve been using ctrl+Alt+Num0 to se the camera to the perspective view. Quite a nice way to position the camera… But the rendered result is quite different! Any ideas? See attached screenshots.


The outliner shows the camera has a constraint affecting it and the timeline shows it has some keyframes that could affect its view. You haven’t included a link to your blend file so you’ll have to check these yourself

Actually your render looks spot-on. Just from looking at those Ortho views it looks like your camera is facing what you’re rendering. Are you mistaking an Ortho view with a Camera View? Check with Num0 to go into camera view. If I had the .blend I wouldn’t be guessing here.