Render Output looks strange

Hi first of all excuse me for my bad English, I’m from Germany. :frowning:
I want to render a sequence, so i pushed the Button “do sequence”, but the rendered Output looks very strange:
I chose “ffmpeg” and tried every Video Codec.
What’s wrong with BlendeR? :no:

The Do Sequnce button means that when you press ANIM, whatever strps are in the Sequncer (screen layout Sequence) will be put out.

If you just want to render a sequence from the current scene, do NOT click Do Sequence. Instead, just press ANIM.

I want to render my Image Sequence, which I arranged in the Video Sequencer. My Problem is the Render Output looks so “pink”. :evilgrin:

Your codecs are crap. Try using the Xvid codec and one of the preset resolution sizes like PC.